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The objective of this procedure is to provide principles and guidelines for the implementation of the CREST-University Matching Grant Programme.


The criteria below are mandatory to be eligible for the CREST-University Matching Grant.

1 Research project involves at least one Malaysian SME pairing with USM.
2 Malaysian SME involved must not be owned by USM or related to the USM Researcher.
3 Project shall be led by USM. Project leader must be Malaysian citizen.
4 Full-time post graduate student researchers must be Malaysian citizen.
5 Students involved in the research project shall not be the project lead.
6 Research duration shall correspond to the research scope. Maximum approved duration is no more than 3 years.
7 Financial obligations for both USM and CREST shall be stated clearly in every individual Research Grant Agreements.
8 Malaysian SME is encouraged to contribute in-kind to the project.
9 Each approved research project is obligated to meet stated deliverable (output) obligation.
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