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The Short Term Research Grants serve to promote, encourage and support research activities of the academic staff of the university directed towards the expansion of knowledge, discovery of ideas and creation of new products, services, processes and/or tools. It is hoped that through these activities, the university would realise its mission and vision to become a centre of excellence for research and education.

The Short Term Research Grants supports Research & Innovation projects which can generate new knowledge in strategic basic and applied sciences, and developed new products or processes necessary for further development and commercialisation in specific research cluster. It is also aimed at generating more research capabilities and expertise within the country.


Specific objectives of these grants are as follows:

  • To finance research activities in full or in part which will create, promote, enhance and preserve Universiti Sains Malaysia pre-eminence as a leading institute or a centre of excellence in selected fields (foresight programmes).
  • To support short term research activities which are deemed important and significant in supporting teaching activities.
  • To assist in the development of new and emerging knowledge, processes, techniques, products or tools.
  • To enhance co-operation between university staff and industry.
  • To promote national human resource development in R&D.
Application Form
Progress Report Form [ download preview ] updated 27th December 2013
Final Report Form [ download preview updated 9th April 2015
Criteria/Guidelines Staf Academic [ preview updated 10th Jan 2021
Criteria/Guidelines Staf Non Academic (Skim Q) [ preview updated 10th Jan 2021
Application flow chart
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