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The objectives of ScienceFund are:

  i. to support research that can lead to innovation of products or processes for further development and commercialization; and/or
  ii. to generate new scientific knowledge and strengthen national research capacity and capability

ScienceFund focuses on the following areas:

  Life Sciences;
  Computer Sciences and Information and Communication Technology (ICT);
  Agriculture Sciences/ Agricultural Engineering;
  Environmental Sciences;
  Advanced Materials Science;
  Chemical Sciences;
  Physical and Mathematical Sciences;
  Medical and Health Sciences; and
  Social Sciences and Humanities.
    Project proposals eligible for consideration must fall under research priority areas as in Appendix I: Table 1. Consideration for funding will also be given to identified Flagship Programmes as in Appendix I: Table 2.
1 This fund is open to all research scientists and engineers who are employed on a permanent or contractual basis from the following organisations:
  Government Research Institutions (GRIs);
  Government Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Agencies; and
  Public and Private Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) with accredited research programmes.
  Expatriates working under contract with any of the above institutions are eligible to apply. However, the project must have a permanent Malaysian co-researcher from the same institution, well-versed with the project, to ensure its completion in the event the expatriate’s contract is terminated.
  The service of a contract researcher must be valid during the period of research proposed and contractual documents must be furnished as proof of employment for the period.
2 Project proposals substantially similar to proposals submitted to any other government funding agencies.
3 Researchers can lead only one (1) project at any time. Researchers have to submit the End of Project Report (EPR), before submitting a new application.
The project duration is up to 30 months.
ScienceFund covers preliminary research leading to laboratory proof of concept or towards the development of new products or processes.
The quantum of fund approved will be determined based on the merit of each application.
Visit eScienceFund Portal for further information.
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