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Description of Colour and Symbol
The orange and purple colours in the R&I logo is taken from the colours of the USM logotype, which are derived from the official USM crest. These colours signify the dynamic and active nature of USM as a knowledge enterprise at both national and international levels.

The slanting I, which symbolises a slightly bowed posture is synonymous with the popular Malay term of resmi padi (following after the characteristics of a paddy plant) which is explained as semakin berisi semakin tunduk (the more one is enlightened, the more one bows in humility).


The I also stands for innovation, is located within the R of the logo to signify that the element of creativity must be present in research.


The orbit which originates from the R and encircles the logo represents the continuing and unending quest for new knowledge which stems from research itself.

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